Being the son and discile of Mridanga Vidwan, Sri. K. Sudarshanachrya, one of the most renowned mridangists from the Telangana region in the recent history, it was but natural for Rajagopalacharya to embark upon the artistic journey with this percussion instrument as his cohort. This journey began when he was 6 years old, which was when he started training uner the tutelage of his father. Though Rajagopalacharya has tread the path of regular education until he attained the B.Sc. degree, he also underwent the Certificate and Diploma training in Mridangam. He completed the Technical Teacher's Training Course from the Board of Education and has been a trainer in Andhra Balananda Sangham and the Telugu University, before he settled as an Assistant Lecturer in Shri Tyagaraja Govt. College for Music and Dance, in Ramakoti.

Over the years, Rahagopalacharya's association with veterans in the fields of Music and dance has enriched his art and their performances. He has accompanied Sri Nukala Chinasatyanarayana, Sri Puranam Purushoththama Sastry, Kum. Srirangam Gopalaratnam, Hyderabad Sisters, Malladi Brothers in Carnatic Music, and Sri Adyar K. Lakshman, Smt. Shobha Naidu, Smt. Uma Rama Rao, Smt. Sumathikousal, Sri Jayarama Rao & Vanashree Rama Rao, Raja & Redha Reddy, Vedantam Radhesyam, Pasumarthy Ramalinga Sastry, Vedantam Ramalinga Sastry, Deepita Reddy, J. Anuradha, Arunabhikashu, Vempati Ravishanker, Vedantam Ragava, D.S.V.Sastry, Vedantam Venkata Chalapathi in Kuchipudi dance- the list, from the greats to the promising artistes goes on. These performances have taken him to many significant stages across the country and also those in UK, USA, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, Azarbijan, Dubai, Muscat, Abudhabi, Baharin, Doha, Kuwait, Lisbon, Portugal, China, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Belgrade, France and Srilanka. From among them, his most meorable performances are the many ICCR tours, India's 50th year of Independence Celebration (Bangladesh & Germany), World Expo '98 (Lisbon & Portugal), European Telugu Association's Decennial Celebrations (2003, Brimingham) and Zaman Production-Musiques and Arts (2011, Paris).

Being adept with other percussion instruments such as Ghatam, Kanjira and Morsing, Rajagoplacharya has conducted and performed in numerous Talavadya kacheris. He ha been learning, teaching, performing and engaging with the art of mridanga vaidyam for the past 4 decades, and continues to do so with passion and dedication.

He was the first recipient of "Ugadi Puraskar" after the formation of Telangana State in 2015.

He has conferred the "Asthana Vidwan" award from Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on 02.10.2017