Special Alumni

Srimathi Radha Reddy Sri Raja Reddy Kuchipudi Couple

Raja (born October 6, 1943) and Radha Reddy (b. February 15, 1955) are a legendary Kuchipudi dancing couple, gurus and choreographers. Their names are synonymous with Kuchipudi dance and are regarded solely responsible for bringing it on the cultural map of the world.. For their services to the field of arts, the Government of India have conferred on them the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards. They are the only family completely dedicated to dance- Raja, his two wives and two daughters. An ace choreographer, Raja Reddy has many choreographies to his credit, namely, 'Shivas Dance', 'Mahanatam' (which has travelled to three continents), 'Shiva Leelas', 'RaasaShabdam', 'Kuru YadhunanandanaAshtapadi', and many more.


Sabitha (Movie Actress), disciple of Dr. Uma Ramarao. Acted in film Sapthapadi directed by K.Viswanath.


Madhavi (Movie Actress), disciple of Dr. Uma Ramarao. Acted in several Telugu, Hindi and Tamil films.


Smt. AlekhyaPunjala, disciple of Dr.UmaRamarao. Working as Senior Professor in Kuchipudi Dance at PottiSriramulu university.

AlekhyaPunjala described as a jewel in the world dance is one of the foremost as well as top ranking exponent, in both the Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam styles of dance. A recipient of the prestigious UgadiVisishtPuraskar for the year 2002 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh as well as the highly coveted Hamsa award for her service dancing since a vety tender age under the turelage of Late Shri Dayal Sharan, continuing with Dr. Uma Rama Rao and is an artist to reckon, with over three decades of work in these two styles. Today she is one of the outstanding dancers of our country representing the art of Kuchipudi in several dance festivals, conferences and seminars. Her traditional and innovative repertoire in solo technique, her portrayals as mythological heroines in various dance ballets, as also her subtle presentation of Satvika Abhinaya have become her hallmark through which she has carved a special niche for herself as a danseuse, teacher, researcher and choreographer par excellence.

Sri D Raghava Chari

Sri D Raghava Chari (one of the Hyderabad Brothers), Disciple of Sri Susarla Sivaram, reciepient of several prestigious awards, world reknowned carnatic vocalist from Telangana